About Archer & Moreno

Creation. Archer & Moreno Realty is a Limited Liability Company privately owned by Mr. Michael Blunt and Mr. Marvin "Ray" Crawford. Both owners honorably served 22+ years each in the United States Air Force and named the company after close acquaintances. Their careers crossed paths in 1997 while assigned to Royal Air Force Lakenheath, United Kingdom, England. This professional working relationship laid the foundation for future business endeavors.

Diversity. Collectively, both owners have lived abroad in Germany, Greece, Italy, Korea, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, United Kingdom totaling 22 years and various states within the U.S. In addition, have visited and worked with people from Australia, Andorra, Belgium, Canada, France, Mexico, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Turkey, and Qatar.

Philosophy. Our philosophy is straight forward, take care of our Agents and allow them to take care of our Clients. We accept only those Agents with the highest morale character, with an aptitude and eagerness to learn the Real Estate profession. We train each Agent to their fullest potential through a systematic program, and provide guidance and support in a team environment. We instill confidence and ensure competence, resulting in the highest quality Real Estate service possible. Through this process, Agents develop trust in A&M Realty, knowledgeable of the fact they have been trained correctly, have available resources/technology, and have a support system in place to guarantee success.

Services. We strive to offer comprehensive Real Estate services to a wide spectrum of customers, from single college students, to newlyweds looking for their first home, to experienced investors expanding their portfolios. A&M Realty is a full-service Real Estate Company with the following services: Residential Real Estate, Investment Properties, Property Management, Rental Locator, Distressed Property Purchases, and Property Analysis. We purposefully aligned these services to facilitate efficiency and costs savings, for both our clients and the company alike.

Goal. Our primary objective at A&M Realty is to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction achievable while simultaneously offering unprecedented service to our clients. This will be accomplished through professional, thoroughly researched, and complete Real Estate transactions for each and every client. We start with the initial interview and ultimately, through the final disposition and/or exchange of the property.