Our Marketing Strategy will position your property to sell. We provide an Unbiased Estimate of current market value. There are Some Things we can do to boost value; however, if the simple truth is that the market won’t support your desired price, then we’ll tell you. Another Option may be to use our Property Management Services until the Market supports your desired asking price. Either way, our REALTORS® will provide an honest assessment to enable you to decide upon a proper course of action.

MARKETING STRATEGY: The Marketing Strategy not only concerns timing, but most importantly, establishing a proper price point. Each house is unique and it’s not simply a matter of what amenities your house has over the competition, but also geographical features, lot location, proximity to community essentials and many other factors. A proper Marketing Strategy must take all of these factors in consideration and be presented to the potential Buyers. We take the time to tell you how we will present and sell your house. Additionally, we use a proven, diverse advertising strategy to reach potential Buyers.

UNBIASED ESTIMATE: We provide an unbiased estimate of market value. The single most important factor is the price. If the house isn’t priced properly, then the Seller is at risk of having the house sit on the market for longer than necessary. As the days pass, prices drop and the bargaining position weakens for the Seller and strengthens for the Buyer. We have no interest in gaining a listing that will sit on the market because no one wins in this situation. We utilize all the resources at our disposal to provide an accurate Market Value so your house will sell quickly.

SOME THINGS/OPTIONS: Other things can help the house sell such as staging, minor landscaping changes, open houses, etc… Since each house is unique, there are different options available for each house. If, at the end of the day, the house is simply not positioned well to sell or garner the price you need, then we can look at other options such as Property Management, furnished or unfurnished.

It’s not always easy selling a house and it’s one of the more stressful activities a person can undertake. We are here to ease the process and be there when you need us most. Our REALTORS® are well trained to meet your needs and desires and keep you informed every step of the way.



  1. Prepare Yourself
    • Does moving really make sense?
  2. Select a REALTOR
    • Why use a REALTOR?
    • Who do I select as my REALTOR?
  3. Set Price
    • What is my home worth?
    • How do I determine the price?
  4. Market
    • Are Home Showings a good idea?
    • What is Virtual Tour? Is getting the right Curb Appeal expensive?
    • What exactly is Feng Shui?
  5. Sell
    • How do I get the right offer?
  6. Closing
    • Do I have to pay taxes on profits from selling my Home?
  7. Move
    • What do I leave for the next owners?
    • Are there checklists for moving?

Contact one of our Realtors to answer these questions and more!


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